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Diana Kluk

Diana Kluk

Executive Director of Operations, 4Ever Remodeling LLC

I am the Executive Director of Operations for 4Ever Remodeling. One of my favorite things about my job is helping in creating beautiful spaces for our clients. I work closely with all the departments to make sure our day-to-day operationsare handled to the clients’ highest expectations. In other words, I help in keeping track of each project, all of the details, and every person involved. Our company 4Ever Remodeling is built on passion and commitment that is provided to every client. We value all of our clients and respect their homes, that is why we believe in doing the job right the first time. Outside of the office I love to spend time with my family. Especially playing with my 4-year-old son and going for long walks with the family dog. 


I believe that in remodeling industry, it requires both passion and logic and that's why the quote from Criss Jami is something I follow "Create with the heart and build with the mind".