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Daphne Miller

Daphne Miller

Clinical Nurse Liaison, Lifepoint Healthcare

I have been called a “ unicorn”, I am a Licensed Nurse of 17 years with a very extensive sales and marketing background, a combination that is not common. I am an entrepreneur at heart, my rush for successfully completing a sale extends back to my adolescence when I helped my grandmother to sell “ icy cups” and homemade ice cream from her freezer on the West side of Chicago in the summer time.  Previous to my nursing career I went to school for Cosmetology and became a successful hairstylist, but my dream was to continue my education at the Dudley University and become a Cosmetic Chemist. As we know not all dreams come true, I gained and utilized a degree in Fine Arts and was employed as an Interior Designer with Ethan Allen Design Studio. After the economic crisis of 911, I had to re-invent myself due to lack of work, returned to college and became a nurse. Granted I have a successful career in Nursing, I cannot shake my niche for Cosmetic Chemistry, sales/marketing, and entrepreneurship. This is why I have positioned myself as the CFO ( Chief Formulating Officer) of Face Him, LLC., producer of BODYnFx Relief Cream, as a client you know how to spell relief, “BODYnFx”. My goal is to plant myself in the health and beauty industry as an Educator, Motivator, and a driving force using a direct sales model, that will bring other individuals that are driven with entrepreneurship as their end game!


My concern is your care, and I care for your concerns