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Connie Luce

Connie Luce

President, Luxe Ducts

Constantly asked how I got into this business and why I hung up my heels for construction boots, I realized that after 10 years as a Re/Max Real Estate Broker, it was time for a change. For 14 years now, I’ve been in the business of emergency services: disaster recovery restoration (fire, mold, flood) and, in those years, I’ve worked with multitudes of people who have experienced all kinds of disasters in their homes or businesses like fires, broken pipes, or flooding. Ironically enough, and unfortunately, my allergies got the better of me and I was unable to breathe easily walking into compromised properties, which started me on a new personal mission—improving and educating all on the importance of fresh indoor air quality. Knowing first hand what unscrupulous owners/companies have treated their clients and employees, I decided to take the leap and open Luxe Ducts! My wealth of experience, professionalism, and the pure enjoyment of educating on the importance of indoor air quality allows for me to execute at an elite level, focusing on integrity, ethics, accountability, focus, and inspiration.


Let’s support a high-quality and women-owned small business with affordable pricing and the Luxe Ducts Promise, then look no further!