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Christina Meyer

Christina Meyer

Director-North America, Construction & Engineering Furniture Solutions, CORT

Christina Meyer, National Director of Furniture Programs for Construction & Engineering, has been a dedicated CORT Furniture Rental employee for 27 years. She began her journey in multifamily new construction and renovations, eventually transitioning to federal and military projects. Now, she supports private corporations nationwide, continuously learning about industry best practices and cutting-edge technology. Christina’s unique role grants her a peek into project planning, collaborating with organizations long before construction begins. Passionate about construction, Christina has personally renovated ten houses, finding joy in bringing creative visions to life. Outside of work, Christina is a community advocate for women's health, focusing on cancer awareness. Throughout her career and personal endeavors, Christina's dedication and empowerment shine through. Her legacy inspires those around her, leaving a positive impact on both the construction industry and her community's well-being.


Be a student of life! Never stop learning, always listen first, and leave a positive footprint in our professional and personal lives. The most profound discoveries happen when we are curious, quick to adapt to change, and courageously take on new challenges outside our comfort level.