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Christa A Reed

Christa A Reed

Sr. Director of Strategic Relations and Market Development, Level-1 Global Solutions

Christa Reed is Sr. Director of Strategic Relations and Market Development at Level-1 Global Solutions, LLC. With nearly 20 years of experience, she is known for helping, educating, and supporting small and big companies alike. She started her career as a television producer which she believes was critical in establishing her “never say die” work ethic and passion for being on time. She is a relentlessly passionate marketing leader, with a unique love for tackling the most complex challenges. She has led multiple companies through marketing transformations in a variety of sectors. For the past decade, she has been known as a “hired gun” that helps companies to refine messaging, grow, and scale. She has a borderline savage commitment to putting the end-user first in everything, built on a hardened foundation of operational rigor, budgetary discipline, and nonstop optimization of marketing performance. She is a communicator capable of combining powerful stories with world-class demand generation strategies to unlock new growth. 


Every new person you meet is a new door to a different world. Our strength lies in our differences, not our similarities. Diversity, equality, and inclusion isn't just great for business but it's great for the soul.