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Chloe Andrea Macasaet

Chloe Andrea Macasaet

Interior Designer, Self-employed/Freelance Designer of C.A.M Designs
I'm Chloe Andrea Macasaet, a recent SCAD Atlanta graduate with a B.F.A in Interior Design. Born in Manila, raised in Tokyo, I've cultivated a passion for design and architecture. My formative years in Tokyo instilled in me a deep appreciation for aesthetics and design. At SCAD, I honed my skills, delving into diverse design principles, from traditional to avant-garde, drawing inspiration from Tokyo's blend of nature and technology. My ambition goes beyond conventional interior design. I aim to construct entire cosmos through innovative designs, marrying functionality with innovation. A well-designed space can evoke emotions, inspire creativity, and foster connections. My approach is holistic, considering aesthetics and practicality, enriching inhabitants' quality of life. As I step into the professional world, I aspire to infuse each project with a resonant narrative. I seek to craft environments that provoke thoughts and provide a canvas for human experiences. With a multicultural upbringing and unwavering dedication, I'm committed to making a lasting impact on design and architecture.