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Casey Ann Rheaume

Casey Ann Rheaume

President, EnduraDuct

HVAC has been in my family for generations, I have fond memories of spending Saturday's in my fathers sheet metal shop. While I decided over the years to pave my own path, by researching fibers and materials, managing and running different businesses, and having a family, eventually my path merged back into the construction world in 2015. My father came to me with a problem, you see ductwork insulation was not advancing, and with Chicago's strict standards for metal ductwork, there had to be a better way. It was then that the journey began. 5 years later in late 2019, after years of research and development- EnduraDuct came into fruition. 2020 required a lot of pivoting, but ultimately this was the year that the air we breathe became the most important topic. My vision was to have a product that would not only outlast the others, but had the most minimal interiors. Metal duct is just that- pure metal duct that is easy to clean and allows air to flow properly with minimal obstructions. EnduraDucts jacketing has a high R-Value and hard-shell coating on the outside, not infringing on your air flow.


Women bring a different kind of perspective to things, it's important we collaborate to pave new roads in an ever-changing industry.