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Carrie Hunter

Carrie Hunter

Vice President Business Development , SENSERA SYSTEMS

Carrie Hunter is the Vice President of Business Development for Sensera Systems. Sensera Systems designs and manufactures solutions for real-time job site intelligence; compact-solar/wireless cameras and software that provide end-to-end solutions for visual monitoring. Their patented low power design helps jobsites improve productivity, safety, risk, security, collaboration and they have thousands of customers across the US and Canada. Hunter has over 25 years of experience in sales, management and training for companies ranging from tech startups to fortune 100 companies with international reach in the construction, textile and communications industries. Hunter has spent the last 20 years in senior leadership positions focused on technology in the communications and construction industries and has proven to be a vital part of the Sensera Systems team. Her individual contributions have been a key factor in the success and growth of the company. Hunter joined Sensera Systems shortly after inception and has led the way in growing the company from a tech start-up, to one of the leading manufacturers in solar-powered battery cameras.


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