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Carmen Chucrala

Carmen Chucrala

Broker, Skyture Homes

Carmen Chucrala is the founder and Managing Broker of Habloft LLC, a Chicago-based brokerage focused on real estate investments and portfolio diversification. She also owns Skyture Homes, a construction and rehabbing investment company that operates in Florida and Illinois. Under her direction, Carmen provides an umbrella of services for clients to protect and grow their investment dollars. By leveraging her experiences in accounting, software implementation, and real estate investments, Carmen and her teams are developing a “one stop shop” business model that combines real estate and accounting services for small to mid-size businesses. Her client base is a network of real estate investors requiring expertise in diversifying their real estate portfolio, drafting business plans with five-year goals while creating compliance and due diligence systems. The objective is to build passive and active income. As a co-founder of the Chicagoland Latino Investor Organization, Carmen leads this Latino-driven initiative to serve as the voice for housing providers, property owners, and investors when policies compromise the ability for families to create and preserve generational wealth. Carmen holds a Master’s in Accountancy from the Keller Graduate School of Management with a dual bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance from DePaul University.


Including and empowering women in construction is not just about gender equality; it's a vital aspect of promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry. By actively welcoming and supporting women in construction roles, we enrich our workforce with a broader range of perspectives, skills, and experiences, ultimately fostering a more dynamic, innovative, and equitable construction sector.