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Brie Voetberg

Brie Voetberg

Graduate Architect, University of Cincinnati

I am a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a BS in Architecture, and I am passionately committed to sustainability and the future of design and construction. Throughout my diverse architectural internships across the United States, I have demonstrated my dedication to innovative and eco-conscious solutions.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I lead a balanced life filled with various interests. I love to do yoga and find tranquility in practicing ceramics. When I'm not designing, you can often find me immersed in the pages of a good book or exploring the great outdoors through activities like skiing, hiking, and biking.

As an architectural design intern, I contributed to a university life science building competition, conducted research for projects, and developed architectural designs for outpatient centers, adhering to industry codes. I also organized workshops, created digital models for community-oriented designs, and drew inspiration from architectural history for recreation center projects.

With a deep passion for sustainability and an adventurous spirit, I am eager to continue seeking opportunities to shape an eco-friendlier and more inspiring world through thoughtful and innovative architectural solutions.


Architecture bridges the gap between people and the physical world. Our experiences and perceptions of our lives are heavily influenced by the environments we find ourselves in. Design at its core solves problems and architecture delivers solutions to raise the quality of the human experience.