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April O’Brien-Mitchell

April O’Brien-Mitchell

Development Services Supervisor, City of Aurora

Municipal Development is my passion. I help develop community plans that produce collaborative cities, diverse and inclusionary environments, while pivoting forward towards the future.

Leading people through ideation to a common goal, utilizing design thinking to solve challenges in the community, changing the narrative of community government to work for and with the people of the community, and creating a more equitable and collaborative community are my passions.

I currently work for the City of Aurora as the Development Services Supervisor. Development Services is a broad-reaching Department with many Divisions, Building & Permits, Planning & Zoning, Property Standards/Code Enforcement, Economic Development, and Development Services Admin. Understanding how each division is intertwined with each other is how I serve communities with such a large Big Picture view.

I am co-chair an ERG at City of Aurora called P.O.W.E.R. Women, which was founded on the principals of Presenting Opportunities Where Everyone Rises, P.O.W.E.R. I also serve as a board member for Valparaiso University for their Women in Leadership program.

I hold ICC certifications as a Certified Code Enforcement Officer, Permit Technician, Residential Building Inspector, Zoning Inspector, Property Maintenance Inspector, and Housing & Zoning Code Specialist. I also hold several NIMS/ICS certifications through FEMA, a degree in Business Management, and several certifications for Organizational Management, Business Development, and Entrepreneurship. I am continually developing myself all the time!


True empowerment comes when intention is put into action. With learning, labor, and leadership, we collectively achieve so much by empowering each other. There is power in the collective.