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Anya Suriyaarachchi

Anya Suriyaarachchi

Senior Project Architect, Nia Architects

With nearly 15 years of experience spanning Concept and Schematic Design, Design Development, Interior Design, and Digital Simulations, I've had the privilege of applying my expertise to projects worldwide, including locations such as the United States, Barbados, Brunei Darussalam, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.
My journey in the field has seen me evolve from a Junior Designer to a Project Designer and ultimately a Lead Designer. My portfolio encompasses a diverse array of projects, ranging from expansive mixed-use developments to Multifamily Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Senior Living, Education, Civic, Religious, and Maritime sectors.
I am deeply passionate about harnessing contemporary technologies to shape built environments that offer a profound sense of place to both direct and indirect users, all while upholding sustainable practices."


I firmly believe that empowerment begins with sharing our knowledge and showing compassion toward one another. We all possess the ability to motivate and encourage each other, which ultimately propels our industries and society in the positive direction.