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Anthony Perez

Anthony Perez

Owner and Project Manager, Goat Construction Corp

My name is Anthony perez a licensed contractor we mostly renovate residential properties and commercial. I love construction it’s my passion and I pride my self in being the kind of contractor that never walks away and does everything in his power to finish the projects I take on. Renovating abandon properties in the south side of Chicago is something we specialize in, a lot of problems come with having all them abandoned homes and buildings in Chicago as we all know all kinds crime happens we’re they utilize the abandoned properties for rape/drug dealing/hanging out and it goes on, we work in areas that need to be revitalized and doing so we run into a lot of issues including but not limited to thieves stealing tools from out jobsites and they also steal copper pipes but it’s all worth it when we renovate the property and good people move into a renovated home our website has more on this part of our construction company we also renovate existing commercial properties like restaurants all throughout the chicago area. We believe in success to our team success is a must.


We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to succeed on all the projects we take on. We also help out young workers by telling them that if they want a company of there own in the construction industry as a paint company or what ever it might be they are interested in they can and will be successful if they put in the work and effort to be a great company with respect,integrity, responsibility as long as they believe in that they will succeed.