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Amy Pastor

Amy Pastor

VP - Sustainability, EXP
Amy Pastor is the Vice President of Sustainability at EXP. As a licensed mechanical engineer, Amy specializes in sustainable design, commissioning, energy studies, energy modeling, measurement and verification, and project management. Amy takes a holistic approach to sustainable design, assessing a building, site and infrastructure systems for the full spectrum of capabilities to meet the environmental requirements for today and the future.
Amy has managed and implemented sustainable design strategies for global corporate sustainability programs and portfolios, helping clients set and achieve their sustainability and resiliency goals. She has extensive experience in authoring Owner’s Project Requirements, developing Design Criteria Manuals, reviewing sustainable design documentation and facilitating the full life-cycle of sustainable certifications for projects, sites and full portfolios.
As the VP – Sustainability for EXP, Amy is the lead author for EXP’s ESG Report. Amy maintains the company’s sustainable standards, tracks Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and completes all 3rd party verification reporting through multiple platforms, including the Carbon Disclosure Project.
Amy takes immense pride in building better, including lasting relationships with clients and quality, sustainable buildings, without surrendering the integrity of the design. She has personally worked on 210 LEED Certified projects.