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Alyssa Weyers

Alyssa Weyers

Project Engineer, BOWA Construction

BOWA ConstructionI always knew I was meant to work with my hands and create. My mother paints and I embellished painting and drawing skills at a young age. I fell in love with geometry and algebra in high school and knew I was meant to be in building design. Growing up in Chicago definitely had an influence from the amazing architecture and history the city offers. In 2020, I graduated with a degree in Architecture at the UIUC. 2020 was a challenging year to graduate from college and seek jobs. No one was hiring and construction was at a halt. I had lined up a job at an eng/arch firm that ghosted me due to COVID. I found a job that kept me in the design field. I was an engineer for a stone subcontractor and coded CAD into machines that cut counters. I have Salesforce Tower, Tribune Tower, Triangle Square and more experience. I later got a PE position with a small firm and redesigned roofs, decks, and performed inspections. Once I moved to BOWA, I truly felt like a successful woman in this industry. I am supported and given challenging and fulfilling work, and have an amazing team. 


We need as many people as possible to get behind diversity, equality, inclusivity, and women in construction to show that a passion is all you need to set forth your future. Your color, age, race, gender, etc. does not determine what your limits are. Your passion and the hard work to back it up is what matters and shows.