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Allison Thurman

Allison Thurman

Owner | Interior Decorator | Artist , Art by Allison

While working as a personal shopper for an upscale department store, Allison was asked by her clients to assist them with decorating their homes. She often found herself making decorating suggestions to friends and family when visiting them, so she decided to give an interior decorating career a try. She took the design test at a major furniture retailer and passed. A new career was born! As her personal clientele grew, she decided to open her own decorating business, while also as an artist, incorporating murals, fine art painting, furniture and home accessories painting and decorative finishes as part of her projects. Later, she noticed a resurgence of wallcovering popularity. After discovering a lack of ethnocultural designs that she needed for her decorating projects, she has designed her own collection to meet this need. She is currently working on bringing her collection to the retail and wholesale markets for utilization of residential, hospitality and commercial use, with a concurrent endeavor to assist veterans and military personnel with their decorating challenges after transitioning back into civilian life, as well as their living environments on military bases.

“Don’t see the obstacle in the opportunity, see the opportunity in the obstacle. There are lessons in seemingly insurmountable adversity.”