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Allison Talamantez

Allison Talamantez

Vice President of Digital, Digital Marketing Group

Allison Talamantez (AT) is the Vice President of Digital at Digital Marketing Group. In her role she collaborates with teams across the agency to develop programs and insights that quibble with the status quo.  AT has founded and served on and led a variety of strategy and revenue teams ranging from self-funded startups to Fortune 100 companies.  No matter the size of the company or brand, her goal remains constant- providing organizations big ideas that make the target customer and guys in accounting happy.  As a leader in the influencer marketing community, she has hosted a webinar or two about influencer marketing for the Business Journal, AMA, and AAA and has been a featured speaker at conferences like M2Moms and Social Media World.  

AT graduated from The University of Oklahoma with degrees in Business Marketing and Political Science. Outside of work, she is an avid reader keeping up on trends and cultivating her passion for working to create win-win organizations by serving on the board to guide nonprofit organizations like Baby Booties Diaper Bank, National Charity League, and the PTA on best practices for fundraising.  Her influencer and strategy predictions and advice have been showcased in MediaPost, PR Daily, Retail Leader, and Price of Business.