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Alhareth Firas Al-Rawee

Alhareth Firas Al-Rawee

Design Architect, Gewan Engineering

I am an accomplished architect with four years of experience, poised to become a Diversity in Construction Ambassador at Build Chicago 2023. My mission is to promote diversity and equality in the built environment. Educational Foundation: My journey began at an esteemed educational institute, where I cultivated my passion for architectural excellence. UAE Architectural Impact: Over the past four years, I have significantly influenced the UAE's architectural landscape, leaving an indelible mark on iconic projects. Championing Diversity in Chicago: As a future Diversity in Construction Ambassador at Build Chicago 2023, I will ensure opportunities for businesses and professionals within the construction industry to thrive in the United States. Inspiring Change: My journey inspires MWBEs and aspiring architects, showcasing the power of diverse perspectives in creating innovative, inclusive spaces. Conclusion: I am a visionary architect dedicated to shaping a more diverse and inclusive future in US construction, with an exciting opportunity on the horizon at Build Chicago 2023.


Inspiring diversity at Chicago Build 2023.