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Surfacing Solution

Stand: 251, 454
  • | Hardwood lumber
  • | Interior design products
  • | Panels
  • | Surface finishes

Surfacing Solution manufactures a complete line of flexible wood tambour panels. Our flexible wood panels can be used for walls, ceilings, pole wraps, wainscoting, and tambour doors; we offer a complete line of solid wood, wood veneer, metallic and colored panels.

The hands on approach that we have with our solid wood tambour ensures that you get the highest quality tambour wood panels available at a fair price.  By hand selecting each individual slat we can ensure quality that no one can compete with in the industry. No matter if you are looking for red oak, white oak, walnut,  maple, cherry, poplar, or more, we can produce it for you! We've perfected over the last 32 years how to produce the best quality flexible wood tambour wall panels.

We stand behind our company and our products! We will match  BEAT any competitive product's pricing!  Our 33 years of quality and customer service speak for themselves. Give us a call and get your project started!

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