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Metam Technologies

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  • | Digital construction technology
  • | Project and Site Management

Digital transformation driving business performance

We are a technology-enthusiastic company, making innovation the center of our service offerings. We focus on delivering the best quality business application implementation services. Specializing in the construction industry, we have collaborated with various clients to develop our ERP, Operate. This solution is tailored specifically to meet the needs of the construction, engineering, and architecture sectors.

Operate ERP: Simplify, Unify, Thrive. 
Operate ERP unifies your project management, safety protocols, financials, and more into a single, intuitive platform, helping you stay focused on what truly matters—your business's success. 

Operate capabilities:

  • Project and sites Management: 
    Keep your projects on track with real-time updates and seamless collaboration.
  • Health and Safety Management: 
    Ensure compliance and safeguard your team with proactive safety measures.
  • Financial Management: 
    Gain financial clarity with unified data and streamlined processes.
  • Workforce Management: 
    Optimize your workforce with effective skills & qualifications tracking and development.
  • Daily Reporting: 
    Make informed decisions with comprehensive and customizable reports.
  • Equipment management:
    Track equipment usage, availability, and maintenance, optimize resource utilization and control costs.
  • Procurement and subcontracting: 
    Manage multiple Subcontractors and procurement process's in one place
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