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Jasmine Dixon

Jasmine Dixon

Real Estate Broker, Baird & Warner

B&WMy birth name is Jasmine Henderson-Dixon. I go by Jasmine Dixon. I went to college because I thought a degree guaranteed a great job. It didn’t take me long to realize I didn’t want a job. I wanted to do business. I began to read and study millionaires. To my surprise, most of them did not get a degree, in fact they started their journey in real estate. I instantly became intrigued. I chose real estate as my profession because it gives me the opportunity to make an unlimited amount of income, work on my own terms, build my own brand and meet an abundance of people. It is an ideal platform for a path to financial freedom. This sounds really great, it is really great. However it is also really really hard. As the saying goes, “Nothing worth having comes easy”. I don’t know who that adage originated from but they definitely knew what they were talking about.

I thought, pass the course, pass the state exam and I will be on my way to riches. This is far from the truth. It’s more like pass the course, pass the exam, get excited, get your marketing material, pass out your material, sit, wait, get depressed, get motivated again, try a new approach, get excited, sit and wait. A constant emotional roller coaster. I’ve embraced my journey and every challenge helps to develop me into a business woman. It’s no longer just about financial freedom. My goal is to become a successful business woman and make a difference on an economic level. My plan is simple, self-discipline and perseverance.



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