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Halo® Interra® FR Rigid Insulation

Progressive Foam Technologies Stand: 385
  • Halo® Interra® FR Rigid Insulation
  • Halo® Interra® FR Rigid Insulation
  • Halo® Interra® FR Rigid Insulation
Halo® Interra® FR Rigid Insulation Halo® Interra® FR Rigid Insulation Halo® Interra® FR Rigid Insulation

Halo Interra FR offers the same great benefits as standard Interra with the added benefits of fire-rated performance. Now available from Progressive Foam, Interra FR offers contractors a great way to add value to new construction
basements and crawl spaces.

Interra FR is specifically formulated to not require a thermal or ignition barrier when installed on any interior wall surface. In thicknesses up to 2.28”, Interra FR meets testing to NFPA 286 in accordance with IBC 2015, Section 2603.9 and IRC 2015, Section 316.6.

Interra FR can be installed on the interior of any basement wall to add insulation to the foundation, from slab all the way up past the top of the concrete or block foundation. With its bright white interior facer, Interra FR looks better when homeowners are viewing unfinished, new construction basements. It also shows homeowners their basement is thoroughly
insulated for reduced energy costs and more consistent performance.

With Interra FR, you achieve high permeance for better breathability. Unlike fiberglass drapes, Interra FR also provides a bright, clean appearance. Check out these additional performance details from Progressive Foam:

■ Fire-resistant without requiring a thermal or ignition barrier when installed on any interior wall surface.

■ High-performing graphite polystyrene BASF® Neopor® continuous insulation for the best long-term R-value and thermal protection of R-5 per nominal inch.

■ Ultra-low moisture retention, high permeance for breathability.

■ Resists termites with a specially formulated, safe additive.

■ Reflective back facer adds rigidity and boosts thermal performance (with appropriate air space).

■ White front facer provides brighter, cleaner interior appearance.

■ Available in 4´x 8´sheets and four standard thicknesses up to nominal 2.0” at R-10, meets NFPA 286.

When Interra FR is installed, basement walls will perform to maximum standards, and if desired, can be finished with methods that meet local code.

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