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05 Jul 2024

Everyday Challenges faced on Construction Sites

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Tying of standardized positioned rebars in a bent position is back-breaking and repetitive work for construction site workers. The tying of standardized positioned rebars on construction sites accounts for upto 50% of all rebar work carried out.Robots can free workers from routine tasks and enable workers to perform more complex tasks.

Rebar tying can be taken over by autonomous mobile robots (AMR`s). Individual AMR`s or a fleet of them can tie rebars with a higher efficiency compared to manual workers. Especially a COBOT that works alongside humans, does not take jobs away. It makes their lives easier. At the end of the day, with more area covered, the workers still have enough energy to have a good work-life balance and a higher level of work protection. More over there will be less worker injuries since the robot will do the painful tasks. Deploying a robot could be more efficient for large scale civil projects. Further a robot could work extended hours, without rest and with no meal breaks adding to productivity. While bearing in mind macroeconomic issues like price inflation, increase in general construction cost and shortage of labour, an economically priced robot could indeed be a solution worth considering.

Ken Robotech Corporation in Japan was established in 2013. Our CEO Mr. Tatsuya Manabe has been involved in R & D in construction sites for over 10 years. His passion has been to create the most human friendly construction sites. He was one of 50 finalists chosen by the Editorial Board of Nikkei Architecture for the title `10 Great Architects 2021`. Mr. Manabe has always been quite engaged in process improvement and technology introduction in the construction sector, and many of his suggestions/methods relating to rebar units and spacer usage have been applied locally.

The rebar tying robot product is currently available in over 140 sites in Japan, being used by the TOP5 construction companies in Japan and has also made inroads in the ASEAN Region, EU and parts of USA. For inquiries please contact:

Ahamed Malik,

Sales Department Associate,

Mobile: +81-90-7405-6194


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