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08 Apr 2024

Tribune Tower Voted Chicago’s Best Building 2024

Tribune Tower Voted Chicago’s Best Building 2024

After thousands of votes across the tournament, the Tribune Tower has been named Urbanize Chicago’s People’s Choice Best Building 2024! Beating out the Wrigley Building by a healthy margin, the office building turned condos has won the crown for being the best building in Chicago according to all of you! Built in 1925 by architects Howells and Hood, the 463-foot-tall tower is situated just north of the Chicago River at 435 N. Michigan Ave. 

As the winning submission to the Chicago Tribune’s international design competition, Howells and Hood’s neo-Gothic design features soaring vertical lines, flying buttresses, and rich ornamentation. At the base of the building, fragments of 149 famous buildings are integrated into the facade, including the Berlin Wall, the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon, Hagia Sophia, and Great Wall of China to name a few. 

In 2018, the Chicago Tribune moved out and developers CIM Group and Golub & Company converted the building into 162 condominiums. Solomon Cordwell Buenz and Vinci Hamp Architects led the conversion.

After beginning with your top 16 nominated buildings, thank you to all of our readers for narrowing the pack and hand-picking Chicago’s best building for 2024! We hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed the process! See you again in 2025!

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