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27 Feb 2024

Nation’s deepest dive pool to be built in North Chicago

Nation’s deepest dive pool to be built in North Chicago

Diveheart, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives through scuba diving and therapy, is building the nation’s deepest diving pool in Lake County.

The facility is being called a marvel of recreational engineering and a beacon of hope for individuals with disabilities, with its unique therapeutic benefits through the power of adaptive scuba and scuba therapy.

Designed by Barker Barrios Architects, the two-story, Y-shaped structure is designed with sweeping curves and extensive use of floor-to-ceiling windows.

“Securing two patents on the pool’s design, Diveheart aims to create a global destination for research, rehabilitation, education, training, and vocational opportunities,” said Tinamarie Hernandez, Diveheart executive director. “As we worked with thousands globally through adaptive scuba experiences, the need for this unique pool became clear for a more substantial impact on those with disabilities.”

The estimated cost is $300 million and construction will last about two years. Multiple pools, including an Olympic-sized and a starter pool will be built alongside the main deep dive pool.

The construction of a walk-through tunnel, reminiscent of aquarium experiences, adds another layer of complexity to the project.

The 130-foot deep telescopic diving pool, requires innovative engineering solutions for waterproofing and structural integrity. The construction team must navigate the complexities of building a structure that can withstand the immense pressure of nearly 10 stories of water depth while ensuring the safety and accessibility of all users.

Exploration of deep caissons for the pool’s foundation will addresses engineering challenges of constructing a deep diving pool and lay the groundwork for integrating geothermal and solar energy solutions.

Renewable energy sources will heat the pool, ensuring year-round usage without an excessive carbon footprint.

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