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27 Feb 2024

JPMorgan Chase unveils major renovation of Chase Tower

JPMorgan Chase unveils major renovation of Chase Tower
The 55-year-old tower will become a sustainable, state-of-the-art workplace

JPMorgan Chase has unveiled major renovation plans for Chase Tower, its local headquarters building, reinforcing the company’s commitment to Chicago as one of the city’s largest employers. The 850-foot, 60-story skyscraper will transform the Loop’s tallest building into a modern, state-of-the-art workplace with flexible, collaborative spaces that can easily adapt to the future of work.

“We’re incredibly proud of our 160-year history as Chicago’s premier financial services company,” said Doug Petno, Co-Head of J.P. Morgan Global Banking. “This significant investment in our Chicago headquarters reaffirms JPMorgan Chase’s commitment to preserving the city’s vital urban center as well as providing our team members with state-of-the-art facilities.”

With this investment in its Chicago headquarters, JPMorgan Chase will remain one of the city’s largest employers and continue to make a significant impact on the local economy. The firm has more than 14,500 Chicagoland employees, including 7,200 at Chase Tower, and more than 15,600 employees in Illinois. During the building period alone, the project will create more than 970 local construction jobs – triggering additional economic activity of $264 million for Cook County and $377 million for Illinois overall. In addition, the firm has a goal to make 35% of the contract awards available to local Minority and Women-Owned Businesses.

"JPMorgan Chase's commitment to Chicago's future is commendable, and its major renovation plans for Chase Tower underscore Chase's dedication to our city's economic prosperity," said Mayor Brandon Johnson. "This project not only revitalizes a significant architectural landmark but also generates substantial local employment opportunities, further solidifying JPMorgan Chase's role as a cornerstone of Chicago's business landscape."

Designed by Gensler, the modernization project will provide employees and clients with best-in-class hospitality and workplace experiences. The plaza, lobby, and mezzanine levels will be refreshed and interconnected with an updated food hall, enhanced seating, and new common space. A brand-new fitness center on the lobby level will feature a yoga/cycling room, wellness areas, prayer and meditation spaces, and other amenities. Outside, an improved outdoor plaza will feature outdoor seating, covered canopy, landscaping, and accessibility to the treasured Chagall “Four Seasons” mosaic.

The work floors will be refurbished with state-of-the-art technology and furniture, updated meeting rooms, common spaces, restrooms and pantry areas. A world-class conference and client center at the top floors of the 60-story tower will offer unobstructed city views and dynamic events for clients and employees. A completely renovated elevator system for the building’s 55 cars, including modern “destination dispatch” technology will also be included to optimize efficiency and reduce waiting and travel times.

With sustainability in mind, the renovation will achieve LEED certification and feature automatic faucets and highly water-efficient plumbing fixtures, expected to reduce net water use by 35%. Construction materials with low-embodied carbon as well as low-emitting materials that minimally impact indoor air quality will be used. Carbon-neutral carpet will be installed across most of the renovated office floors, amounting to nearly half a million square feet of certified carbon-neutral flooring.

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