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04 Mar 2024

Construction Champions 2024

Construction Champions 2024
These 31 women exemplify how intuition, dedication and intelligence are shaping the industry.

The 2024 Construction Champions embody a diverse array of expertise and steadfast dedication, selected from over 400 entries of extraordinary women who are shaping the industry for the better.

While building some of the country’s most important projects, these women also act as mentors, teachers and advocates to elevate construction and make it an attractive career option for others.

A team of six Construction Dive editors examined each nominee’s depth of experience in the industry, as well as her commitment to leadership and mentorship. The 31 talented women highlighted here stand as shining examples of how intuition, dedication and intelligence are making the industry a more diverse, productive and welcoming place for all.

Read on for more about each of these exceptional women, and know that there are many more like them impacting construction throughout the country.

Here is a list of categories:

Rising Stars — Although they are some of construction’s youngest employees, these women have already made a mark on the industry.

Up-and-Coming Leaders — They are known as hard-working change agents in their companies and in the broader construction community.

Mentors — These women not only help others break into the industry but have long strived to make it a better place for all who work in it.

Tradeswoman Leaders — They use their hands and their heads to shape commercial construction and promote the industry’s career benefits for all.

Industry Veterans — These women are stalwarts of the industry, well known in their fields and respected by all who work with them.

Editor’s note: Because the industry is overflowing with inspiring leaders, making the final selections for the annual Construction Champions list is never easy. Thank you to the hundreds of people who took the time to put forth the names of colleagues, friends, mentors and industry change-makers for this year’s list.

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