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BIM Technology Management

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BIM Technology Management

BIMTM is a team of digital pioneers ready to help implement building information modeling for your next project. Our firm is eager to transform old non-digital designs into new platforms that enable efficient design, operations, and function.

Our services include:

● BIM implementation: Plans for real-time collaboration and plan correction to minimize problems and silos among project tasks.

● BIM management: We handle tasks such as planning, design, delivery, and operation of assets.

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  • With our years of experience being on both sides of coordination efforts, we understand how important coordination meetings are for the success of a project. Bring in BIMTM as an independent mediator ...
  • We offer custom, strategic training for BIM beginners, intermediate, and experts. With flexible training options, we can go in-depth on topics of interest and even create training videos and new emplo ...
  • Revit families, templates, detail libraries, and data extractions all tie together for an efficient Revit workflow — and we can make it happen.
  • BIMTM is your partner for optimizing your BIM management and handling everything a BIM manager would handle. This important role is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining all of you ...
  • Our Content Development packages offer powerful and practical daily use tools that turbocharge your productivity, including: Revit Templates Revit Families Detail Libary Custom Prefab Extractions
  • Having worked for the AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Consulting) industry and the Contractor/sub-contractor side of things we understand the many challenges of putting a set of design documents ...
  • Let us convert your point clouds to native Revit projects with families like walls, beams, columns, walls, ducts, conduits, etc. Once translated this makes developing your construction documentation a ...
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