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Envisioned by co-founders Natasha Ozybko and Monica Dutcher during the dawn of a new era in infrastructure with the Biden administration, MOXY is an online magazine platform that targets millions of women working in 17 sectors of infrastructure from highways to alternative energy to broadband and public parks. MOXY is the first publisher to curate multilingual (English, Spanish and French) content at this scale, empowering all women to have a bigger role in industries that offer rewarding, well-paying careers. In addition to featuring women at the helm of infrastructure projects and initiatives, the platform tackles leadership development, mental health, entrepreneurship, work-life balance, immigration, sexual harassment, and diversity — all as they relate to women who are navigating historically male-dominated interview processes, jobs sites, and board rooms. There are many groups and publications dedicated to one slice of infrastructure or even get so granular as to focus on one material used in creating infrastructure, but who is committed to capturing the bigger picture and shedding light on some of the tougher workplace issues? Further, who is speaking to the women? And not just as a novelty within these industries but as players in them? Enter MOXY.
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