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Chicago Build 2024 Agenda


Materiality of Masonry

22 Oct 2024
AIA CES Workshops , Building Solutions & Materials (Workshop 2)
The enduring popularity of masonry in all its forms is largely attributed to the intrinsic properties offered by the materials of brick, block, stone, terra cotta, tile, and terrazzo. But in this era of rapid innovations in construction materials and techniques, does masonry continue to provide value, and how have these materials and assemblies evolved? This seminar takes a close look at the historic architectural significance held by traditional masonry materials, but it also challenges participants to use these materials in innovative ways, showing examples of contemporary design to balance their classic applications. The program then builds on the materials themselves, showing common wall and floor assembly details and emphasizing the importance of designing for performance and contructibility. Finally, it addresses the composition and longevity of these materials translate to buildings that are healthy, long-lasting, and able to be repurposed generations after their initial construction.
Scott Conwell, Director of Industry Development - International Masonry Institute