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Chicago Build 2023


WORKSHOP: 21st Century Cements for More Sustainable Concrete (CEU Session by Portland Cement Association)

11 Oct 2023
AIA CES Workshops , Building Solutions & Materials (Workshop 2)
Jamie Farny, Director of Environmental Measurement and Metrics - Portland Cement Association
With the introduction of PCA’s Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality in October 2021, the cement industry embraced a lofty goal to voluntarily reduce its carbon footprint to zero. A key “lever” of this challenge is an aggressive approach to improve the manufacture of cementitious materials. After nearly 200 years as the go-to product for concrete construction, portland cement is evolving as manufacturers develop new cement formulations to meet the needs of the concrete industry, while offering a lower-carbon footprint. Tested and proven, blended cements that reduce carbon footprint by up to 10% are already being widely used, but that’s only the beginning. Over the next 30 years, cement footprints will – and must – continue to shrink. This session explains key aspects of the cement and concrete industry’s vision of reaching carbon neutrality while helping designers and builders create resilient, sustainable infrastructure that America and the Midwest depend on.